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SeriesAVR Series
TypeM Type
Part NumberAVR-M1608C270MTABB
Product Lifecycle Stage Production

Design Chip
Size Code 1608
Body Length(L) Nom 1.6 m m
Body Breadth(W) Nom 0.8 m m
Body Height(T) Nom 0.8 m m
Reference Current Nom 1 m A
Varistor Voltage Min 21.6 V
Nom 27 V
Max 32.4 V
Maximum Continuous Voltage [DC] Max 17 V
Standard Pulse Currents 8/20microS
Maximum Peak Current(8/20microS) Max 2 A
Energy Absorption Max 0.05 J
Maximum Clamping Voltage(8/20microS) Max 52 V
Current for Clamping Voltage Nom 2 A
Capacitance Typ 15 p F
Soldering Method Reflow
Operating Temperature Range Min -40 Cel
Max 125 Cel
Storage Temperature Range Min -40 Cel
Max 125 Cel
Weight Nom 0.0053 g
Summary Chip varistor is ESD protection device. Can replace a TVS diode + Capacitor combination.
Applications Smart Phone, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Note PC, DVC, DSC, Car Multimedia
Features Excellent electrostatic absorption capability. Response is as good or better than TVS diode. Keeps symmetrical current-voltage characteristics even after electrostatic absorption.
No polarity, due to symmetrical current-voltage characteristics. Equivalent to anode common type TVS diode.
Excellent mount reliability. Good for Pb-free soldering. Adopted (Ni/Sn) electroplating.
Can replace a TVS diode + Capacitor combination. Reduced footprint and total mounting cost.
Packing Punched (Paper)Taping [180mm Reel]
Minumum Package Qty Nom 4000 Pcs
Minimum Order Qty Nom 4000 Pcs
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